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Lyndsey Garza

I am a social/digital media and advertising specialist. This website serves as a home base for all of my web properties.

If you would like to see my work in action, please visit my real website, my LinkedIn page or Twitter.

My life mantra: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Who is Lyndsey Garza?

Lyndsey Garza

 I graduated from the University of Missouri in the School of Journalism in May of 2014. I earned a dual degree in journalism and psychology, and a minor in business.

Lyndsey Garza

I am a Publisher Acquisition Coordinator at Q1Media.

Lyndsey Garza

Summary of my professional experience:

- Managed digital, mobile and video advertising campaigns for AdKarma as an intern.

- Curated content and developing digital strategy for YAYA Connection in conjunction with MOJO Ad.

- Authored a psychological research study on the effects of advertising on preschool children’s preference for toys.

- Served as the Social Media/Interactive Specialist on MOJO Ad in 2013 and was a part of the winning advertising campaign for the world’s largest retailer (Walmart).

- Managed and coordinated party and group events at a local pottery and ceramics studio.

- Taught at a state funded daycare and executed curriculum for children aged 0-12 years old.

- Analyzed and authored over 40 stories for Newsy.com. Drove traffic to the website and mobile/tablet applications by social media marketing.

- Designed, copy edited and maintained a weekly column for The Maneater.

- Interned and reported at the San Antonio Express News.

Lyndsey Garza

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